Services Rendered for NSWC Crane

Wind Tunnel
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The original test system for this wind tunnel was aging and in need of an upgrade. A new National Instruments based test system was designed by NSWC Crane, and Magnalinea assisted with implementation. This project required extensive troubleshooting and LabView programming. We have continued to service, document, and upgrade this equipment for several years.
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This is a Generator Test Set (GTS) for testing the ALQ-99 Ram Air Turbine generator. The system was in development for many years before our involvement. The technology used was not automated, and far from complete. Internal resources at NSWC Crane developed a new concept for automation and control, and contacted Magnalinea for integration of the National Instruments software and hardware. After about one year, the new system was functional. It provided the most complete and thorough test of the ALQ-99 generator in the fleet to date. The system is fully automated using a custom LabView interface and TestStand as the test executive. Original test required several hours to complete. The new system takes about 55 minutes start to finish. The system has continued to grow, and we have provided support for all the upgrades and documentation.
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This is an example of equipment that was no longer supported internally since the original equipment developers no longer worked there. The entire system needed to be understood, reverse engineered, and recreated to meet the test specification, using new technology. It is completely automated, executing over 400 test steps with National Instruments equipment for measurement and control. Full documentation was also required. The system can now be maintained by any programmer or technician.