Kurt LaCourt

Functional Area: Mechitronic Engineering

Work Experience
Executive Vice President
2/2001 - Present Magnalinea Corporation, Columbus, IN

Electrical engineering - design and build prototype circuit boards, circuit design, etc; Electro-mechanical engineering - fixture design, supporting electronics for control, pneumatics, servo and stepper motors, mechanical interfaces to parts, etc; Acoustical engineering - transducer placement, data acquisition for spectral analysis of manufactured parts to assure quality; Programming - VB script for ASP web pages, java script, html, perl, php, sql, exposure to c/c++, extensive experience with LabView for data acquisition and control. Exposure to Artificial Neural Network programming and training. Responsible for management of information systems including web server, sql servers, file server, and all other IT systems. Have worked with Diesel engines and testing, Military generators, radar jamming equipment, wind tunnel data acquisition and control, dyno control, and exhaust system acoustics data acquisition. Also designed, programmed and managed large web front end database system for Design Engineering department of a major forklift manufacturing company.

Senior Engineer, member of Board of Directors, Partner
1/2001 - Present Sound Engineering, Inc., Columbus, IN

Design Engineer, Transducer Design
10/1997 - 2/2001 Onkyo America, Inc., Columbus, IN

Electrical Engineer
8/1997 - 9/1997 RCA - Thomson Consumer Electronics, Bloomington, IN

Sole Proprietorship
9/1991 - 5/1996 Custom Audio, Houghton, MI

Heat treat technician
5/1994 - 8/1994 Custom Heat Treat, Kingsford, MI

8/1991 - 5/1996 Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI
Dual AAS in Electrical Engineering Technology, Electro-mechanical Engineering Technology, BSc in Electrical Engineering Technology.

9/1988 - 5/1990 Dickinson Iron Vocational Education Center, Kingsford, MI